We build a team of independent experts, free of conflict, to manage your plan and optimize each plan component (see below). We manage the entire process and the team of experts on your behalf, so you can focus on your business.

We focus on the following things, so your participants have a better chance of retirement readiness.



We cannot control markets or guarantee investment results, but we believe the single most important measure of a plan’s performance is the retirement success of its participants. Judging whether or not a participant is on track to retire successfully is the most important indicator of how well our process is working.

70% of our participant clients are projected on track to retire as compared to a national average below 25%.


Our partners accept full discretion and fiduciary responsibility for the assets of every plan under management, a responsibility we take very seriously. We have a prudent, transparent and well-documented process in place to reduce plan sponsor liability, eliminate conflicts of interest and always put the participant’s needs first.


We have a duty to avoid conflicts of interest while acting in the best interests of the participants. For this reason, we offer a flat annual fee schedule, which enables us to focus on keeping the participant-paid asset-based fee as low as possible without compromising the quality of the plan.


We help plan sponsors mitigate taxes while offering robust plans for their employees. Our plans often include auto enrollment and auto escalation components to avoid retirement savings inertia. 


Few participants have the discipline or tools to set a goal, join the plan, save more money as time goes on, invest sensibly or monitor their outlook, all of which will determine their retirement outcome. We make sure that participants are doing all of the right things by hosting enrollment meetings and educational workshops. We are always available should participants have questions and/or need guidance.  


As fiduciaries, we believe and are bound by law to do what’s right for plan participants. We are proud to say that no one improves plan results and participation outcomes better than we do, and no one reduces more fiduciary risk than we do.


Our decision to partner with administrators who also serve as discretionary trustees was simple; because we believe trust is the foundation of everything we do. As a fiduciary and working with discretionary trustees, we are bound by law to always act in your best interests; to be unconflicted and transparent in our approach; and to operate at a prudent expert standard of care.

At Cypress Partners, our approach is client-centric. We are here to help participants retire successfully. Are you still wondering if we are the right fit for your company? Here are six questions to help you decide:

  1. Do you believe your 401(k) plan is the primary way your employees will be able to replace their paycheck when they retire?

  2. Do you have a concern for employees who are not going to able to successfully retire?

  3. Do you want your service provider to take as much workload as possible from your HR and the plan committee?

  4. Do you want to work with a provider that has a duty of loyalty to the participants and the requirement to function as an expert?

  5. Do you want to transfer most of your fiduciary liability for investments to a provider that serves in the highest fiduciary capacity possible?

  6. When all costs are fully considered, am I willing to pay a reasonable fee in return for a focus on improved outcomes?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, Cypress Partners is a great fit for you and your employees.