Your portfolio deserves a second opinion. See how well your investments are performing, how much risk you are taking and how much your investments cost compared to your ideal target allocation designed to minimize risk and maximize returns.

Simply download and complete the spreadsheet and email it back to us, info@cypresspart.com. Do not include any personal information for security purposes.

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Optimize your social security decision 

The average couple receives $560,000 in lifetime benefits, so to dismiss this asset in one’s retirement plan is unwise. Less than 5% optimize their benefit, which has the following qualities unlike any other investment vehicle: inflation-adjusted, government-backed, lifetime cash flows, tax-advantaged, no market risk and spousal and survivor benefits.

View our Social Security Wise to get started, and use our calculator for some quick calculations.

Track your net worth 

The Cypress Partners portal works with all of your financial accounts – checking, savings, brokerage, IRA, home loans, credit cards – to provide a complete picture of your net worth at any time and on any device. You can also track your spending, set budgets and store important documents in the secure vault.

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